Webinar | 02 Apr 2020
Webinar: School Health and Development in Low Resource Countries

School health

FRESH School Health and Nutrition Webinar: School Health and Development in Low Resource Countries: The Ongoing FRESH Partners Dialogue and Summaries Context matters

The resources, culture, systems and capacities within countries and regions will determine the nature, priorities and, ultimately, the sustainability of school-based and school-linked programs to promote education, health and development. Understanding these factors and developing programs, policies and multi-component approaches within contexts such as conflict/disaster-affected regions, small island developing states and indigenous communities has become an important matter, even a starting point, for many UN agencies, donor organizations, researchers and global organizations.

29 April 2020

9:00 Washington DC; 14:00 London, 18:00 New Delhi


Featured Speakers:

  • Mohini Venkatesh, Senior Advisor, Save the Children
  • Lesley Drake, Executive Director, Partnership for Child Development
  • Jen Williams, Plan International UK
  • Presenters from several FRESH Webinars