International Conference on School Bullying: Recommendations by the Scientific Committee on preventing and addressing school bullying and cyberbullying

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6 p.

This document presents a summary of a first set of recommendations made by the Scientific Committee on three key issues: How should the definition of school bullying be revisited to develop more comprehensive and targeted initiatives to tackle bullying in all its forms? What aspects should be considered for a more inclusive definition? How effective national responses to bullying should look like, based on existing evidence? What are the key components and characteristics of a comprehensive approach to bullying and cyberbullying? What additional or specific strategies and actions should be taken into consideration when planning and implementing responses to cyberbullying?

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Conférence internationale sur la lutte contre le harcèlement entre élèves: Recommandations du Comité scientifique sur la lutte contre le harcèlement et cyber-harcèlement
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